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Dear Parents,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Neil Parker and following Mrs Dawson’s retirement at the end of last term I now have the privilege and a pleasure to be the new Headteacher at George Dent Nursery School.

It is quite possible that some parents were not aware that Mrs Dawson was due to retire at the end of last term. Mrs Dawson wasn’t able to fully inform parents because there were a lot of negotiations happening in the background that were only finalised at the very end of the term.

Briefly, the governing body made the decision to enter into a partnership arrangement with two other schools Heighington CE Primary School and Bishopton Redmarshall CE Headteacher of the BrandH Academy. The reason for this partnership was a far-sighted decision by the Governors to do everything possible to secure the future of George Dent Nursery School for your children and for the many children to come.

This is a superb school, one of the best in the country, and it will be working with two other schools that are its peer. In addition, BrandH has the expertise and experience of working in a partnership for seven years already, which will contribute to forging this new group into an effective force very much quicker.

Practically, it is not possible for me to be at all three schools simultaneously, so my time will be split between the three schools. This is not new to me, nor to my colleagues. I will spend a part of most days at the Nursery ensuring the standards that are the norm are always maintained and your children are given the very best start to the education that it is possible to find.

During the periods when I am not able to be at George Dent Nursery School, Miss Pullen, who has the job title: “Head of School” will be available and she has some additional release time to ensure that one of us is available to deal with any issues you raise.

I have learned over the years that the first task for a new headteacher is not to make huge changes but to look and listen. That is exactly what I will be doing so when you see this strange man sat with your child, you will understand that part of the looking and listening is being with children.

I will write to you again a little later this term to share some of the experiences and information I have gathered and how this will be used to continue the development of George Dent Nursery School. In the meantime I hope your child has settled into our School and already you are noticing little differences.

I will be writing to you again in the near future to share with you some of the activities we will be undertaking and ways we can work together to help the children.



 Yours Sincerely


Exec Headteacher

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