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Useful Links

Learning is all around us at George Dent Nursery School

Children learn and develop their skills and understanding if they:

Feel safe and secure;

recognise clear expectations;

make decisions and select resources for themselves;

encounter a wide range of experiences;

face problems to solve;

are encouraged to be adventurous in their learning;

learn skills and techniques to use and combine materials in ways which are meaningful to them;

are listened to, particularly when they are concentrating on an idea;

are given time to focus and make connections;

are allowed to develop their own ideas and have these made visible to others through records of their ideas in words or images;

receive help on request;

are taken seriously.


In their play children learn at their highest level. At its very best it requires very high levels of involvement and children working at the very edge of their capabilities.  In play children use their previous experiences to extend them to build up ideas concepts and skills. In play they can express fears and re-live anxious experiences. They can try things out, solve problems and be creative and use trial and error to find things out. Children actively drive their own learning and development by the choices they make , the interests they develop, the questions they ask and the knowledge they seek. Play can be adult led or child led and adult supported.


Young children enjoy participating in hands on and brains on activities. Children's choices and interests are the driving force for building knowledge skills and understanding.